miguThe Disappearance Of MemoriesDigital

‘The Disappearance Of Memories’ is the debut EP of migu, the French multidisciplinary artist Igor Dubreucq, on the Italian label Rest Now!. In this EP, migu travels between delicate melodies, altered trance and autotune layers.

migu projects himself through characters, giving them an identity, a voice, a story, as in the complex weave of science-fiction universes. This allows him to express deep emotions that are difficult to share in real life. The feelings are amplified in the characters, but they are part of his questions and his nightmares.

‘The Disappearance of Memories’ represents the artist’s palette of emotions like a painful storm. Through the sizzle of the overdrive, he tries to describe the power one could feel when the body, love and memory disintegrate.
released March 11, 2020

All tracks written and produced by migu
Mastered by Swan Meat
Design by Nicholas Matthew Elstran