We are a Berlin-based experimental music label started in 2016 by Alberto Cattani and Nicola Zolin. We support young, innovative artists as they create albums, EPs, and other releases. We're all about pushing the boundaries of music and blending different media to make something truly unique.

At Rest Now!, we love experimenting at the crossroads of electronic music, pop culture, and visual art. Each release is crafted with a fresh approach to sound and a strong focus on visual and graphic elements, creating a cohesive and recognizable style.

Our projects often go beyond music, turning into artistic exhibitions, video projects, or collaborations with visual artists. This mix of disciplines lets us create immersive experiences that reach beyond traditional music formats.

With more than 17 diverse releases, Rest Now! features projects like "The Very Next Day," a tribute album to George Michael, the conceptual album "The Ambassador" by Kazumichi Komatsu, and the EP "Chyo" by multimedia artist Tristan. Our "Die Hard: Rest Now! Motion Picture Soundtrack" has artists reworking the iconic movie soundtrack, premiered at the Flemish Film Festival 2019.

For more info and to check out our catalog, visit our catalogue or email us.