OravinEye, IrisDigital

‘Eye, Iris’ is the first EP by Austrian sound artist Oravin, released on July 15 by Rest Now!.

Entirely written and recorded during the first Corona lockdown, ‘Eye, Iris’ is a sound collage of contradictions: memories of distant raves, walking home along rivers and lakes in the morning, and broken futures. A dirge of time lost, of wasted months and wasted lifetimes, pleading for forgiveness—a paean of joy for this one body, this one life. ‘Eye, Iris’ evokes a world where vision succumbs to sound, where memory and experience melt into one.

Oravin is a sound artist with a background in literature and philosophy, living and working in Vienna. The artistic journey started with literature and audiovisual poetry performances. His poetic practice focused on the oral quality of words, using a limited and repetitive word pool. As part of Babelsprech, an international network of young German language poetry, these performances brought him to the stages of literature houses and festivals, including Tokyo, Marseille, Sarajevo and Chernivtsi.
released July 15, 2021

Mastered by Tom Tommers at YourOhm Studio B
Artwork by Herwig Scherabon